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Cynara Ridgebacks is a small Oklahoma kennel founded in 2001 dedicated to owning, showing and breeding only the best Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  We are steadfast in our determination to find and breed dogs from healthy long-lived bloodlines with stable temperaments who also follow the standard for size and good looks.  Only Ridgebacks meeting these strict qualifications are bred. 

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Meet Our Ridgebacks -
 Katie  Trouble  Shiloh Dagger - View Titles won by Cynara RRs

GCH Jendaya's Mint Julep of Cynara, CD, RE, OA, NAJ, Nat'l JHA, Int'l JHA, HIC, CGC VC ROM (Katie) 

  DOB:  July 3, 2005    Pedigree   OFA page
 Sire:  Alchemy Oridgenal OneMoreTime, CDX RN AX SC MXJ HIC TT VCX ROM (Falco)
 Dam:  Am/Can. CH Jendaya's Akiki of Tumomak, SC HIC  TT (Gemma)

Katie is Cynara Ridgeback's foundation bitch and is the dam of Cynara's A, B & D litters. She is the grand dam of Cynara's C, E, F & G litters.  Katie was our first Ridgeback to combine agility, lure coursing, obedience and conformation bloodlines.  Katie was a dream come true for the first dog to start the Cynara line of Ridgebacks.  She's healthy and even better so are her offspring.  All of her litters were whelped naturally and thus far her three daughters that were bred also produced their pups without a C-section. 

Katie earned a Versatility Certificate (VC) for winning titles in three different venues -- conformation, obedience and agility.  She is the 5th generation in her family to win a VC.  It is a amazing accomplishment.  One of the highest honors awarded by the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the U.S. is a Register of Merit (ROM).  It is given to bitches for producing 5 show champion offspring.  Katie earned her ROM from only 2 litters and three days before her 6th birthday.  There are over 10 generations of ROM dog/bitches on her sire's side of the family. As of 10/1/14 Katie has produced 3 show champions and 2 grand champions, 1 dual champions, 1 grand dual champion and 1 agility champion (MACH) and several pups with other titles. She has 2 champion grandpups with more expected.


Test type



Cardiac - Heart 2007 Normal on echocardiogram
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) 2008 Clear/Normal - No genes for DM
Elbows x-ray 2007 Normal - no dysplasia
EOAD 2014 High Confidence Clear - no deafness genes
Eye exam 2006, 2007, 2009 & 2014 Clear, normal eyes on her first 3 exams. At almost 9 years old her eye exam showed a freckle or age spot on one lens.
Hips x-ray 2007 Excellent - no dysplasia
Thyroid 2006, 2009 & 2014 Normal function. Katie passed this vital test at 16, 46 & 107 months old.

Katie earned her conformation championship with a roar by winning a 4-point major (her 3rd major) to finish with 17 points.  She passed her Canine Good Citizen test and earned three Rally titles and then qualified for a Herding Instinct certificate by herding goats.  In January 2010 Katie started working toward her Companion Dog (CD) title.  We NQ'd (not qualified) our first two tries in January.  We passed and earned 2 of the 3 required legs on Feb. 20 & 21, 2010.  Our next attempt came on April 24, 2010.  We NQ'd which was totally my fault for giving both a verbal command and a hand signal.  The next day I was nervous but Katie did very well.  She passed and earned her CD title.  It only took 6 trials.  A 50% pass rate is incredible for a Ridgeback.

The AKC started a new title program on 5/12/2010 called a Grand Championship.  It takes 25 points with 3 majors plus other criteria.  Katie hadn't been in the show ring since before she had her first litter of puppies in Jan. 2008 but we believes she was up for the challenge.  Katie's first GCH show was 5/15/10.  On October 1, 2010 Katie won Best of Breed to earn the last point for her GCH title.  She was the first Oklahoma Ridgeback to earn a GCH, VC and a ROM. 

To prove Katie is an awesome foundation bitch, she was entered in her first agility trail at age 5 years and 8 months.  She ran three qualifying runs in her first weekend and 5 qualifying runs in her 2nd weekend of trials where she earned two agility titles -- Novice Agility Standard and Novice Agility Jumpers.  I haven't found anything this dog can't do.

Health Notes: Katie has passed all of her health screening.  Her eyes have been tested for cataracts & other eye diseases four times and her thyroid tested three times.  Katie has only had two minor allergic reactions.  One came right after the first litter started on puppy formula and then it happened again with the second litter.  Obviously something in the formula doesn't mix well with Katie's system but after two Benedryl, the hives quickly go down and she is fine. We were more careful with her last litter and there was no problems.  As of 9/1/2014 10 of Katie's offspring have passed their OFA thyroid health screening which is extremely rare for a female. 

CH Cynara's Affinity for Intrigue, JC, RA, BN, CGC, JH-S (Trouble) 

  DOB:  January 23, 2008  Pedigree  OFA page
  Sire:   BIF DC Tandiwe's Intrigue'N Mission, MC, CGC (Apollo)
  Dam:  CH Jendaya's Mint Julep of Cynara, RE, CGC (Katie)

Trouble is pick of the litter from Cynara's first litter (A litter - 1st generation) of Ridgebacks.  She is quiet, gentle and loyal with proper conformation. Trouble earned her AKC show championship on Feb. 7, 2010.  She passed the 6 health checks I require before breeding and has passed thyroid and eye exam multiple times.  Trouble earned the right to carry on Cynara bloodlines and is the dam of Cynara's E litter which gave us our beautiful, Dagger.


Test type



Cardiac - Heart 2009 Normal by cardiologist
Eye exam 2008, 2009, 2011 & 2013 Clear on all 4 exams
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) 2008 Clear/Normal - No genes for DM
Elbows x-ray 2010 Normal - no dysplasia
EOAD 2014 High Confidence Clear - no deafness genes
Hips x-ray 2010 Good - no dysplasia
Thyroid 2010 & 2012 Normal function

Trouble was named Trouble because she seems to attract trouble.  She was bitten on the shoulder by a copperhead snake at 5 months old.  The bite was very painful but all of the loose puppy skin allowed the swelling to spread out without causing excessive pressure or damage.  At 6 months, we noticed that her microchip had migrated from its original location down to about the middle of her left shoulder blade.  As a puppy, her favorite bad habit was chewing up ink pens.  We even caught her jumping up on the dining room table to grab a pen to nibble on. 

Trouble was trained for Rally Obedience.  Her first Rally Novice trial was at the 2009 Ridgeback Nationals held in May, 2009.  The pressure was intense to earn a passing score.  I needn't have worried.  We scored 84 out of 100 for our first leg of 3.  In our next trials Trouble did very well, scoring 92 and 91 and easily earned her Rally Novice (RN) title.  In April 2010 Trouble earned the 3 qualifying legs to get her Rally Advanced title.  March 2012 saw her back in the obedience ring for the final leg of her Beginner Novice (BN) title.

GCH Intrigue's I'm The Bee's Knees at Cynara, JC RN BN QC CGC (Shiloh) 

  DOB:  Novermber 25, 2010 (a Thanksgiving puppy) Pedigree
  Sire:   MBIF DC Intrigue's Apollo Sun by Jager, MC LCX RN BN FCH 
                ET2 CGC TDI TT (Titan)
  Dam:  GCh Intrigue's Madeira Trojan Moon, RN SC FCh HIC (Calypso)

Shiloh came to Cynara from Intrigue RRs. Her mom is Katie's aunt and her dad is Trouble's 1/2 brother and the sire of our gorgeous E litter.  Shiloh is loving, beautiful, fearless, smart and energetic and is a wonderful addition to Cynara.  

She passed her AKC Puppy Stars class and a beginner tracking class.  At the 2011 RRCUS Nat'l Shiloh was the youngest dog entered in Rally Novice B but managed to win 4th place.  She also passed her CGC test at the Nat'l.  Shiloh's breeder, Susan Morrill showed her in Puppy Sweeps and in the 9-12 month class where she won 2nd place.  Shiloh earned her 1st CD leg at the 2013 RRCUS National.  Winning a placement at the Ridgeback National show is an accomplishment worth bragging about.  


Test type



Cardiac - Heart 2012 Normal at 19 months
Eye exam 2011, 2012, 2014 Normal
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) 2013 Clear/Normal - No genes for DM
Elbows x-ray 2013 Normal at 28 months
EOAD 2014 High Confidence Clear - no deafness genes
Hips x-ray 2013 Good at 28 months
Thyroid 2013 Normal at 25 months

Only 7/1/2012 Shiloh went Winner's Bitch for the first time and earned 2 points towards her AKC championship.  After that she just took off in the show ring.  In 3 1/2 months she won 12 more points including two majors.  The biggest win was a Group 1 placement in the Hound Group in Sept. 2012 from the classes for a 5pt major.  It was the first time one of Cynara's RRs earned a Group 1 award.

Shiloh finished her AKC show championship on 12/2/2012 only 7 days after turning 2 years old.  She was the first of Titan's offspring to earn their CH but certainly not the last.  We are now training in obedience for a Companion Dog (CD) title.

CH Cynara's Evolution Towards Excellence via TnT, JC CGC (Dagger)  

DOB: July 24, 2012 
Sire:  MBIF DC Intrigue's Apollo Sun by Jager, CD MC LCX RN BN
                  FCH  ET2 CGC TDI TT VC (Titan)
Dam:  CH Cynara's Affinity for Intrigue, RA BN JC CGC JH-S

Dagger is a grandaughter of Katie and comes from Cynara's 2nd generation bloodlines. Dagger is high energy and considerably more hard headed than either her dam or grand dam.  However, the word "quit" is not in her vocabulary.  When the other dogs are ready to crash on their beds, I can count on Dagger to still be ready for fun.  


Test type



Cardiac 2014 Normal
CERF (Eyes) 2013 Normal - Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) 2012 Clear/Normal by parentage. Both parents tested "Normal".
Elbows x-ray 2014 Normal
EOAD 2014 High Confidence Clear - no deafness genes
Heart 2014 Normal
Hips x-ray 2014 Excellent
Thyroid Scheduled for 2014  

Dagger passed her Obedience Level 1 class at 4 1/2 months old and started Obedience Level 2 in January 2013 when she also started show dog training.  November 2013 was a great month for Dagger.  She turned 16 months old, earned her JC lure coursing title and went Winner's Bitch at 4 shows to earn 4 points towards her championship.  She earned her show championship on August 15, 2014 just after she turned 2 years old. 

Cynara's Got A Friend In Me (Gable)  

DOB: June 8, 2014 Pedigree
Sire:   Aust. CH Marsabit Mfumo (Hogan) - Winner of the 1st & 2nd Australian Ridgeback National Specialty show
Dam:  GCH DC Cynara's Bonnie Blue Flag, MC (Bonnie)

Gable is a second generation Cynara dog.  Son of Bonnie and grandson of  Katie.  Gable is incredibly smart, ease to live with and is very sweet with a silly streak.  He was housebroken with very little drama and only had one accident in the house.  Each night he sleeps in his crate without crying or complaining.

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